Thank You to All Our Loyal Clients for Many Years of Continued Success

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Eagle Fence Distributing, LLC

We want to say thank you for being the best group of clients and fence installers in the industry.  As a management team, we want to introduce you to the newest version of the Eagle Fence Distributing, LLC Website.  We are proud to add many additional resources and tools along with relevant links to many suppliers and supplier tools.  We ask that all of you comb through this wealth of information and make your business more successful and profitable by using the tools we have provided.  As you come across product questions please feel free to use the locations page to email any of our managers for information or to connect with a sales representative who can be matched with your needs.

We look forward to seeing you around our locations and Open House events, stay posted for annual dates on open house events and special training sessions hosted by us and our Vendor Partners.

Best wishes and success,

Keith Ford and Paul Harrison

Relief to Houston after Hurricane Harvey

When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston it set a record for the most rainfall dropped by a single storm in the US and also proved to be the costliest storm in our history. Although our distribution branch office was spared from major damage, many of our customers and employee’s families were not so lucky. Many of us donated to the Red Cross or other charitable organizations but, perhaps because of how close and personal this was, we wanted to do more to help out.

As part of a joint effort between Southwestern Wire, Inc. and Eagle Fence Distributing, LLC we packed a truckload of supplies, equipment, food, and cash to send to the EFD Houston location. Thank you to our owners and everyone involved who helped make this happen.