Welded Wire

Welded wire most commonly available in 2×4 mesh comes in many varieties and sizes, and we have what you need at Eagle Fence Distributing.  Available in 12.5 gauge and 14 gauge, in 3’,4’,5, and 6’ tall welded wire can be used for an economy of applications.  In addition, welded wire is available in galvanized and also coated colors of black and green.  Applications are a plenty and include backing for rail fences and ornamental, kennel building, and agricultural uses among just a few.

The largest area of growth for this product line is the silt fence market for erosion control on construction projects.  Ask Your GC’s about erosion control, you could open up a new market for this fence product.

14 g 2×4 Welded Wire

12 g 2×4 Welded Wire